The South Gloucestershire Mines Research Group

hopes that you would like to help preserve our industrial heritage in this area.

There is a petition "South Gloucestershire Council: Save our Industrial Heritage at Warmley Waterworks Site" which we hope might sign.

Our goal is to reach 250 signatures as soon as possible and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here:


Travelwest is launching a consultation on bus services, cycling and walking in the West of England.

For details click here.

The survey can be found at

South Gloucestershire Council Alcohol Strategy

The Council is wishing to consult on its Alcohol Strategy which can be linked to via the South Gloucestershire website.

The on-line Survey can be found by clicking here.

The survey and the strategy are available in libraries in paper format. If you asked the staff they can also print it for you.

The draft South Gloucestershire Council Alcohol Strategy can be downloaded by clicking here.

The Equality Impact Statement can downloaded by clicking here.

Sustrans (the walking and cycling charity) is collecting feedback on people’s views of the Bristol & Bath railway path.

Sustrans is responding to the many complaints from the community surrounding the path, and are trying to find out what people’s main issues are, and their ideas for solutions they’d like to see in response to this.

Please could you help by sharing the link to the survey around your network? Sustrans is trying to ensure everyone has a chance to share their views!

The survey can be found using this link.

NHS Health Check

 Why should I have an NHS Health Check?

Find out why here.

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